Girlboss by Netflix takes a nosedive much like Sophia Amoruso's 'Nasty Gal'

Girlboss by Netflix seemed like the perfect comedy but it slowly became the death of everything that is good in this world.

When the first trailer for Netflix original series Girlboss, it seemed like the show we had all been waiting for. A young adult (-ish) woman named Sophia Marlowe struggles to start her own business from absolute scratch while also maintaining her abhorrent personality. The show seemed to merge women empowerment, fashion and profanity. Flawless, right? Yes, it should have been but, it wasn’t.

Girlboss based on Sophia Amoruso’s true story of how she erected a multi-million dollar business named ‘Nasty Gal’ from nothing but an idea that she could. One would expect the show to do wonders. After all, the book did. #Girlboss, Amoruso’s autobiography which was published in 2014, is a New York Times bestseller. Now, not only is Nasty Gal not doing well but it seems that the Netflix original isn’t that appealing itself.

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Britt Robertson (left) as Sophia Marlowe and Ellie Reed (right) as Annie.

Starring Britt Robertson as Sophia, Ellie Reed, Johnny Simmons, Alphonso McAuley and Dean Norris, the series starts off with decent on and off comedy which later transforms into a full-on drama. It can’t be said if that was intentional but the unhurried death of humour is palpable. To add on to that, the flawed depiction of feminism is cringe-worthy. Sophia Marlowe may have created a business out of nothing but her achievements were more a result of her mind-numbing narcissism than anything else.

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In spite of how cold and egocentric her character ends up becoming, Robertson seems to be the only redeeming factor while some other supporting cast members like Simmons make you wonder if they even auditioned for the role. The show does seem to have a certain emotional depth which, sadly, they felt they needed to spell out, thereby, completely negating any and all good in the script.

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The season concludes with Sophia finally in a good place, professionally and personally. Hopefully, the next one would try and avoid its shortcomings and focus on producing better quality rather than riding on Netflix’s popularity ’cause it seriously ain’t working.

If you have nothing better than to do in your life than to watch a bunch of white people come and go on your screen, watch Girlboss. Otherwise, it is advisable that you steer clear of it.