Ekta Kapoor's ALT Balaji Announces New Web Series, Calls It 'India's Own Black Mirror'

Who's praying that there are no reincarnations, werewolves or possessed witches in this Indian version of Black Mirror? 

Ekta Kapoor’s ALT Balaji is coming up with a new web series, Gandi Baat and Ekta Kapoor has called it ‘India’s very own Black Mirror’.  As per the announcement, ‘the show would have 10 episodes with stories from rural India based on true rumours.’

As per Scroll, ALT Balaji released a press statement about the show’s content, which read:

“Each episode will tell a different story about relationships and taboos. It will explore topics and stories that exist in every section of the society but are never spoken about or discussed openly.”

While the concept undoubtedly sounds interesting, perhaps it is too soon to get excited or even mock the claim Kapoor’s made. Perhaps we really are getting our own version of Netflix’s Black Mirror, a futuristic sci-fi series that’s mighty popular. Ekta Kapoor hopes to replicate a similar kind of success for Gandi Baat.

Of late, ALT Balaji has been experimenting with various interesting concepts like same sex relationships, Romil and Jugal (2017) , sexual harassment at workplace starring Nimrat Kaur, The Test Case (2017) and modern day adaptation of female Devdas, Dev DD (2017). Not that the intent often matches the content produced, but it’s a start nonetheless. Fingers crossed we don’t come across any reincarnations, werewolves or possessed witches.