Watch: Why is Mahira Khan pleading with Ranbir Kapoor in this viral video?

Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan are currently in Dubai for the Global Teacher Prize Event. Few videos of them have gone viral on social media

Though Mahira Khan belongs to Pakistan, she has a huge fan following in India. The diva, who made her Bollywood debut opposite superstar Shah Rukh Khan, seems to share a good camaraderie with another A-lister of the Hindi film industry. The aforementioned Bollywood A-lister is Ranbir Kapoor. Mahira and Ranbir met each other at the Global Teacher Prize Event in Dubai and videos of them speak volumes about the comfort zone they share.

There are few videos of Mahira and Ranbir, doing rounds of social media and you will definitely be pleased after watching them. In one of the videos, Mahira can be seen having a fan girl moment, forgetting that she herself is a renowned face in the film industry. Mahira’s gestures in the video have started the wheels in our mind, leading us to think what she is actually trying to convey. There is one particular video in which Mahira can be seen standing with closed hands in front of Ranbir, and we wonder what the scenario was.

In the videos, Ranbir Kapoor can be seen sporting his look from Sanjay Dutt’s biopic. The actor has been making it to the news on a regular basis, due to his looks for the upcoming film. Ranbir gained weight, sported the same hairstyle as Sanjay Dutt and learned his gestures as well. The Kapoor scion also spent few days at the Bhopal Central Jail to understand the psyche of prisoners. All these preparations tell a lot about Ranbir’s dedication for the film. Taking into consideration, the amount of effort Ranbir has put for this movie, we sincerely hope they turn fruitful.

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Coming back to Ranbir and Mahira’s meeting in Dubai, the two definitely make for a great pair. If the scenario would have been any different, there would have been voices by now asking filmmakers to cast them in a movie together. But due to the ban put on Pakistani artists, the idea of Ranbir and Mahira sharing screen space is a distant dream for cine buffs. Till then, you can watch these videos and hope they came together for a film soon: