Vir Das mocks America, religion in the first trailer of his Netflix special Abroad Understanding

The first trailer for Netflix's 'Vir Das: Abroad Understanding', which is to premiere on April 25, is out!

The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming show ‘Vir Das: Abroad Understanding’ has been released. The Indian comedian’s special show is the first Indian-produced Netflix original show which will premiere on the media streaming site later this month. Along with Das, other stand-up comedians who have their own shows with Netflix are Kevin Hart, Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Chris Rock, Bo Burnham, Bill Burr and Russel Peters.

Comedy around India has always been dealt with a sense of condescension across the world. With his show, Das hopes to introduce the true face of Indian comedy to the rest of the world.

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Vir Das Abroad Understanding Trailer

‘Vir Das: Abroad Understanding’ was filmed in two cities, New Delhi and New York, in front of a crowd. The live show is going to be pieced together with shots from both cities. “In about three seconds, we are going to cut to 200 clueless Americans sitting in a comedy club,” Das says in the trailer.

Cut to New York, he quips, ” Give it time. My accent will grow on you. Give it time, all right? Just give it four or five generations, we’ll be fine.”

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Das tweeted the link to the trailer saying, “TRAILER! My #Netflix Special ‘Abroad Understanding’ covers 2 nations!
Trailer 1, explains our format! #DASONNETFLIX”

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vir das

Photo courtesy: Vir Das/Facebook

In his show, Das will be speaking upon the subjects of racism, social injustice, homophobia, religion, etc. and from the looks of it, most of it is going to be targetted at America. The series will be available on Netflix across 100 countries on April 25.