There's only one way Salman Khan's Tubelight can create a Box Office history. Find out

Tubelight might be releasing with great buzz in India, but this Salman Khan film has to wait for one thing to be able to create Box Office history

Dangal has set an example and proved how good content works at the Box Office. This Aamir Khan movie is on its way to becoming the first Indian movie to earn Rs 2000 crore across the world. What Dangal has done may seem unachievable but that hasn’t stopped trade experts from hoping that history might be repeated. This has led many pinning hope on Salman Khan’s Tubelight, which releases tomorrow. Helmed by Kabir Khan, this movie is set in the backdrop of Indo-Sino war in 1962, and experts are expecting a lot from the movie.

Chances that Tubelight will be a runaway hit in India are quite favourable. But creating a Box Office history in India is not a problem that the makers might be pondering on. Of late, wooing the Chinese audience has become utmost importance for cinema makers. China is emerging as one of the biggest markets for movies having over 40,000 screens. Dangal released in 9000 out of them and the results are for everyone to see. However, releasing a movie in China is not as easy as it may sound. China reportedly imports 34 movies every year on revenue sharing business. 75% of this restriction is taken over byHollywood leaving little room for other country releases.

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Salman Khan in a still from Tubelight (Courtesy: Tubelight/ treated by Chetan Kamal)

The way Chinese viewers are accepting movies spread across different cultures with open arms means a film release in the country would contribute to the overall collection in a humongous manner. Something that makers of Tubelight are also hoping. The presence of Chinese actress Zhu Zhu as the female lead of the movie has further peaked their beliefs from the neighbouring country. Another point is that Tubelight is an anti-war movie and the tale of a simpleton, something whose probability to connect with viewers is high.

“Having a Chinese actress, someone the audience will be able to identify within the film is one part of it. But I think thematically, too, the film holds great opportunity in China,” Amar Butala, CEO of Salman Khan Films told a daily. While there is no clarity about the movie’s release in China, it will be interesting to see if any other Indian movie manages to reach the benchmark set by Dangal. Sohail Khan, the film’s actor and Salman Khan’s brother, said they are looking for a release in China.

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It is now left to be seen if Aamir Khan’s close friend Salman Khan manages to mirror his success path or not.

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