Salman Khan just shared Matin Rey Tangu's audition clip which shows the Tubelight kid is a born superstar - Watch Video

Salman Khan's little co-star from Tubelight, Matin Rey Tangu, has created a lot of attention. Here is the audition clip of the little boy from Itanagar

While the presence of Salman Khan in the movie Tubelight is enough to attract cone goers to theatres, the other major takeaway of the other reason to watch this Kabir Khan directorial is Matin Rey Tangu. 5-year-old Matin, who hails from Itanagar, has quite easily swept away all the attention from the superstar, with his cute antics and oh-so-adorable way of talking. If what Matin did at the press conferences was not enough, Salman Khan has released the audition tape of the little one and this will make you fall in love with him.

We told you a few days ago that Matin along with few other kids came to Mumbai for the last leg of the audition. This clip which Salman shared seems to be of those days only. Along with the other kids, Matin did what was asked, from running to mouthing dialogues. What may have worked for him is that he had his unique way to do all things. Matin did not conform himself to the notions and eventually got the role.

The iconic scene where Matin hugged Salman in the trailer is also shown in the video which will do away with all your doubts about Matin’s cast in the movie. Here is the video:

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Earlier in another video Salman Khan said that Matin is a ‘ajooba’ and after seeing this we think the superstar is right.

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Speaking about Matin Rey Tangu, Kabir Khan had once said that he did not expect a five-year-old to be a fantastic actor. But he was surprised with how Matin performed and kept the same energy level throughout the shoot.


Now that we have seen how Matin Rey Tangu got the role. we can’t wait to watch the little one weave his magic on screen. Tubelight also features Om Puri, Sohail Kha, Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, and Shah Rukh Khan in a cameo.


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