From Mother India to Dangal, these 10 Bollywood movies perfectly sum up women empowerment

Though Bollywood might be a world of male actors, there are movies which are women centric.

Thanks to Bollywood’s still existing patriarchal traditions, women are treated as mere objects. They are hardly given important roles and are used mainly for dancing around the trees. Be it college or home, women are robbed of their basic rights on an everyday basis. Though Bollywood might be a world of male actors, there are movies which are women centric.

They are equal in every aspect and their life is not limited to the kitchen or home. These Bollywood movies are an inspiration for every girl to follow their hearts and lives their life to the fullest in the male-dominant society.

Mother India

The Mehboob Khan film shows a woman struggling against the society to raise her kids and protect her integrity. This 50s iconic movie proves that women empowerment is not a new topic in Bollywood.

Bandit Queen

The movie of a woman who took the whole nation by storm as a dacoit. It shows that a woman doesn’t lack courage and can lead a pack of men. The story of Phoolan Devi, who subverted ruination, shows that a woman doesn’t need men to be empowered.

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This is the story of two women fighting out from their own realms of problems and trying to help each other. While one is fighting to get away from the traditional slavery of being a widow, the other tries to save her husband. The movie shows the forgiving nature a woman has with several twists and unending emotions.

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Chak De! India

The story of 16 girls who fought audaciously on the field to gain respect for their country and their struggle for that flight in the male dominated society. The movie clearly shows that sports are not only meant for men but also for the opposite sex.

English Vinglish

This is a story of a woman who is trying to gain self-respect in her family by learning English. Shashi went to America and learned English in her way to self-discovery. The movie highlights the capabilities of a woman and the love of a mother.

No one Killed Jessica

The story of a woman fighting against the politician who killed her sister. She didn’t sit back but fought for justice.


The cult movie which shows the furious side of a woman who is all on a mission to find her missing husband. A pregnant woman who faces a lot of hurdles on the due course of finding her husband but is powerful and determined. The twist in the end of the movie is something to watch for.


A woman goes on her honeymoon alone after being jilted by her fiancé on the eve of the wedding. Shocking, but extremely liberating and exhilarating. It is hard to get over a broken marriage but the way Rani did it was amazing. She showcases that it’s completely on us how we get over matters no matter how big or timid they are.


Mardaani is a thriller which showcases a brave woman. Rani Mukherji is a cop fighting against the child trafficking. The movie shows that a woman is not a sex toy and she can totally fight on her own during the crisis.


“Hamariya choriya choro se kam hai ke”, is one of the dialogues which says everything about the movie. The movie encapsulates the emotional father-daughter relationship. He manages to train his daughters who got international recognition for the country.