This Reddit Post Sums Up Everything That Is Wrong With 'Sanju'

The storyline of Sanju is rather skewed. Some reviews have even called it an elaborate PR exercise.

The West, at times, can be clinical. Removed and passionless in its own way and we often see it through matters like Brexit and almost anything that happens under Trump’s America. It’s not limited to politics, of course, but art, too. And social movements, which we see in the #MeToo movement, for example.

The East, one can argue, is less clinical. We care about the person behind the craft. At times, we go to any length to justify them. Remember Bhaiitards?

But a Reddit post on the recently-released ‘Sanju’ shows this divide in the best possible manner.

The mixed reaction is expected. The storyline is rather skewed. Some reviews have even called it an elaborate PR exercise. Apparently, the film tries its best to justify Dutt’s actions, indulging in whitewashing of truth to paint the troubled star as an unwitting victim (including a convenient lack of mention of the grenades found in his possession). However it’s not all that hard, if you don’t haven’t seen the movie, to take Dutt as no more than a misunderstood man.

The thread references a Facebook post that says:

Though the film opened with than impressive Rs 34 crore, most people do not try to defend the actor in his choices. In fact, most opinions are patronising, calling him a spoiled, drugged-up brat. Some celebrities even openly defended him during his jail term, it is claimed in the post.

User sinsan01 commented:

Some users took the other route, trying their best to look at the matter objectively by pointing out that not all movies are made to have a hero, but to tell a story, though it was quickly dispelled by user 13peejay who commented:

Of course, the view of the West was tied in as well, referencing the underage rape case of critically acclaimed director Roman Polanski.

He was charged with five charges against a minor under 14 including rape and the administration of a controlled substance to a child. Of course, he still is able to elicit a standing ovation at award ceremonies for films such as Umbrella or Chinatown.

The best course of action, according to another user, appears to be deciding whether to support them financially in their future endeavours. One cannot deny that even horrible people can produce content, but recognition and income only help them grow in power and erases their bad choices.

Like many things, defending such people remains a grey area.