This page uses Taimur Ali Khan's pictures to cover serious news and it's hilarious AF

Today 'journalism' means finding a way to work 'Taimur Ali Khan' into a headline about say... Soha Ali Khan. And this FB page parodies the practise.

We’re living in strange times. A ‘Bollywood movie’ is the reason behind a school bus (with kids) being pelted with stones. It’s also a time where journalism includes celebrating Tiger Shroff’s shirtless pictures from his Instagram handle. It’s also a time where a publications make ‘photo galleries’ of star kids, and simultaneously write op-eds denouncing the practise. We all need the numbers.

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Today’s ‘journalism’ also includes finding a way to work ‘Taimur Ali Khan’ into the headline of a story about say… Soha Ali Khan. Because keyword. And parodying this very practise is a new FB page called Pictures Of Taimur Ali Khan To Distract You From Real Issues. The page uses ‘awwdorable pics’ of Taimur Ali Khan to get across serious discourse which the page administrator claims are being ignored by mainstream media.

Here are some of the most hilarious posts from the page:

You can’t help but be reminded of the Humans of Hindutva page, which has recently made a comeback after a brief break after the administrator claimed to have gotten multiple death threats. In comparison, the language of this page is cleaner and more ‘suitable’ for a wider audience. It’s also relatively subtle with its digs at the administration and the established media, without losing any of its bite. Which means the audience it targets is most likely not going to get it.

In the era of memes, we definitely need more such pages.