The mystery of Riverdale: 6 theories about who killed Jason Blossom

So far, no one in Riverdale seems innocent and as the plot thickens, we can't afford to keep anyone off the list of suspects for the murder of Jason Blossom.

A typical whodunit plot done right, Riverdale became an instant fan favourite. The first season of the CW series, based on characters from the Archie Comics, is already nearing its finale, however, the mystery behind the murder of Jason Blossom remains as ambiguous as it was in the premiere. So far, no one seems innocent and as the plot thickens, we can’t afford to keep anyone off the list of suspects; even Betty gets that much. But, there are some characters who seem to have hands dirtier than Ms Grundy’s mind who have drawn our attention.

Ms Geraldine Grundy

Geraldine Grundy Riverdale | Image for InUth.comNow that we’ve mentioned Ms Can’t-Keep-It-In-Her-Pants, let’s start with her. The mystery woman shows up at Riverdale out of nowhere with a gun, a license that reads ‘Jennifer Gibson’ and a sob story that we just ain’t buying. She used to give private lessons to Jason Blossom, a fact that nobody seems to be aware of. So, who is to say that her “music lessons” weren’t of the same nature as that of Archie’s? She might have been involved in the Jason-Polly-Horny Teacher love triangle and perhaps, she just wouldn’t have it. Ms Grundy is currently off the radar but we can’t really say she is not coming back.

The Coopers

Alice Hal Cooper Riverdale | Image for InUth.comIf anyone had a clear motive to kill Jason, it was the Coopers. Both Alice and Hal hated the fact that their daughter, Polly, was dating him. They were furious when they found out about Polly’s pregnancy and the day the young couple was supposed to elope, they sent her away.

Polly Cooper

Polly Cooper Riverdale | Image for InUth.comWe don’t know how, we don’t know when, but you can’t really trust suspense these days (Ref: The Scream series). We mean, think about it, if Jason was anything like his family, which we suspect he is (he mentioned Polly in the Playbook, duh!), why would he elope with the woman who bore his child? Also, Polly is one of the few who’s whereabouts from the day are unknown and you know how it is… It is always the person you least suspect.

Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl Blossom Riverdale | Image for InUth.comShe may be the most normal person to be born into the Blossoms but, she’s still crazy enough to fit the bill. Everything about her reeks of lies so you don’t know what to expect from this girl.


FP Riverdale | Image for InUth.comAnother obvious murderer in town, F.P. is a Southside Serpent. He might not have a clear motive to kill Jason, however, he may have been hired to perform the deed for someone else. Why else would he have Jason’s letterman jacket in his closet?

The Lodges

Hermione Veronica Lodge Riverdale | Image for InUth.comThe Blossoms are the richest, most powerful people in Riverdale. So, if someone were looking to disLODGE them, it would be Veronica’s parents. Ever since her husband’s arrest, Hermione has been struggling to maintain her status. We already know that she hired the Southside Serpents to depreciate the cost of the Twilight Drive-In. Who is to say she didn’t do the same for the entire town of Riverdale by whipping up a homicide investigation? Hiram is another mysterious item and being in jail doesn’t exactly help his reputation.