Will Sunil Grover join hands with Kapil Sharma's rival Krushna Abhishek for a new comedy show?

Sunil Grover is said to be in talks with Krushna Abhishek, the rival of Kapil Sharma, for a new comedy show which will be aired in Sony

Kapil Sharma’s repeated efforts to bring Sunil Grover on The Kapil Sharma Show seem to have gone in vain. There are no signs of Sunil Grover returning on the show and it looks like he has joined hands with Kapil’s rival Krushna Abhishek. Grapevine is abuzz that Sunil Grover is planning will join Krushna Abhishek for a new show. Not only Sunil, reports have it that Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar and Sugandha Mishra too will be a part of this show.

If these reports turn out to be true, then it will be a major blow to Kapil Sharma. The show is said to air on Sony itself, the channel on which The Kapil Sharma Show runs currently. This will not only serve as a major competition to Kapil’s show but will also prove that Sunil Grover is not ready to reconcile with his former friend.

“A new comedy show with Sunil is definitely happening. Ali, Chandan and Sugandha (Mishra), basically all those who left The Kapil Sharma Show, are going to be a part of it. Krushna is most probably joining them. He is yet to confirm, things are going back and forth as of now but there are really high chances of this collaboration happening,” a source was quoted by Indianexpress.com.

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Kapil Sharma and Krushna Abhishek being at loggerheads with each other is not a new thing. One of the reasons of Kapil’s ugly fallout with Colors was the inception of Krushna Abhishek’s show. It was also said that Sony wanted celebs to be a part of Krushna’s show rather than Kapil’s.

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Well, if Sunil Grover joins hands with Krushna Abhishek for a show, it will prove nothing short of a writing on the wall. Let us see if Kapil manages to keep up with the TRPs after the show starts.

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