Video: Former Bigg Boss contestant Swami Om in the news again. This time for a lap dance

Swami Om of the Bigg Boss fame is back in the news with a lap dance.

Swami Om who became famous, or rather infamous, through popular reality TV show, Bigg Boss 10, is back in the news adding another feather in his cap. Recently, a video aired on a news channel showed him enjoying lap dance of a model and also dancing with her. In his defence, Swami Om has said that the sequence has been shot for an upcoming movie.

Swami Om got evicted from the show after he was accused of throwing his urine on housemates Bani J and Rohan Mehra. Before being chucked out of the house, Swami Om was able to create a lot of controversies and even managed to irritate the show’s host, superstar Salman Khan.

Seems like he enjoys being in the news for all the wrong reasons. A self-proclaimed sanyasi, in a TV interview, Swami Om said that the video was part of a movie and he performed in it as an actor. The video created a lot of controversy in the media, after the it went viral on internet.

Watch the controversial video here: