Sunil Pal mourns The Kapil Sharma Show going off air, slams YouTubers for popularising below the belt comedy

Sunil Pal expressed his grief over the fact that The Kapil Sharma Show is going off-air. But why did he take a dig at stand up comic and YouTube stars?

Sunil Pal is sad that The Kapil Sharma Show is ending (though it is just taking a break). The ace comedian posted a video in which he shared how he felt about the much-loved show going off air. In the emotional video, Sunil said that Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s fallout was the reason for this. He added now that the show is being pulled off air, the arena of comedy will be taken over by YouTubers and this is sad.

Referring to Kapil’s medical condition, Sunil said that it was obvious this would have happened. He added that Kapil could not take the pressure. He also spoke about the incident when he tried to straighten out things between Sunil and Kapil and wanted them to get back together. But, their refusal took a toll on the show.

While Sunil voiced his sadness about the show going off air, he also took a dig at stand up comics. He further added that the new breed of stars who are a sensation on YouTube, prefer below the belt comedy and are insensitive. Sunil mentioned that 10% of the youth has subscribed to this and this new scenario is not good for the future of comedy.

Here is the video:

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Obviously, Sunil Pal’s statements about the new stars on YouTube did not go down well with the young lot and so, they took to Twitter to jot down their take on the video. Here’s what their tweets read:

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Well, looks like the YouTubers do have a point to make. Do you think Sunil Pal went way beyond the line by dragging YouTubers in this conversation?


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