Roadies Real Heroes Preview: Wild Card Contestants To Join The Show

Four wild card contestants will enter Roadies Real Heroes

Roadies Real Heroes contestants will be in for a shock when four wild card contestants will enter the show. Ringmaster Rannvijay Singh will introduce these winners of Battleground, and announce that post tasks, two of them will get to enter the show.

But before the drama, the audience will also get to witness the emotional side of gang leader Prince Narula. Upset about last week’s elimination of Tarun Solanki, Prince will confront Bidhan, his teammate, about his decision to vote Tarun out. Prince will even vow to get Milind out of the game after coming to know that he plotted Tarun’s exit.

Coming to the tasks, the wild cards– Rashmeet, Arun, Chopsy and Rahul — will be asked to pick one gang each to perform the first task. The one who wins will get to be on Roadies while the first and second runner-up will get another chance to fight for their place in the game. While Arun will pick Prince, Rashmeet will go with Neha Dhupia, Rahul will pick Sandeep Singh and Chopsy will choose Nikhil Chinapa.

The first task will require them to sell second-hand useless products in the village in return for rice. All the teams will have a hard time convincing the villagers. While some would entertain them with dance and song acts, others would even lie to them that the rice is for a noble cause. In the end, Arun and Prince Narula’s gang will win the task, and he will get a direct entry in Roadies.

While Rahul will bid goodbye to his chance, Rashmeet and Chopsy will be given another chance. The duo will be asked to pick one contestant as a challenger. Rashmeet will pick Nikita while Chopsy will go with Adil. Both of them would be criticised for picking weak contestants but to everyone’s surprise, Nikita and Adil will excel in their individual tasks.

Only one among Rashmeet and Chopsy will manage to get into the show. Who do you think would that be? Watch MTV Roadies Real Heroes tonight at 7 pm to know more.