Roadies Real Heroes Preview: Prince Narula Is Contestants’ Favourite

Two contestants Tara Prasad Dhakal and Tarun Solanki will be left crying their hearts out as they miss a chance to be with gang leader Prince Narula

Adventure reality show MTV Roadies Real Heroes will be an emotional affair this weekend. Two contestants Tara Prasad Dhakal and Tarun Solanki will be left crying their hearts out as they miss a chance to be with gang leader Prince Narula.

In the episode, the gang leaders would be given a chance to perform with their chosen contestants. The challenge would be to solve a maths puzzle. While Neha Dhupia will ace the task with the help of her ‘real hero’ gang member Milind Chandwani, Prince will come a close second. Ringmaster Rannvijay Singh will then announce that Neha will get a chance to choose one contestant for her gang while sending another one to any other gang. Prince would be given the power to also choose one contestant for his gang.

On the night of vote out, Neha will decide to choose Tara for her gang. The young boy will breakdown sharing that he wants to be only in Prince’s team. His reluctance to be a part of Neha’s gang will offend other gang leaders and they would try to reason with him. But Tara will remain adamant saying that he came on Roadies to be under Prince’s wing. Prince will also get emotional witnessing so much love. He would manage to get Tara to stick to Neha stating that he will try his best to get him on his side later in the game.


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Posted @withrepost • @nikhilchinapa There aren’t too many things Prince and I disagree on, but this is one of them. Prince believes that as a Roadie, you must step forward to do every single task. Doesn’t matter what the task is – you’ve come to the show to perform and that’s exactly what you should do – every. single. time. The thing is, he isn’t wrong. If every Roadie was Prince, then yes, I agree – you should absolutely, 100%, do every task. Because Prince is a guy who has what I call “task awareness.” If you’re not able to immediately do well in a task, you figure it out and you figure it out quickly . I on the other hand, am a little different. I believe if you’re a fish, you shouldn’t climb trees. Nor should you claim to be an expert in climbing trees or tell people that you’re so good at climbing trees that even though you’re a fish, people think you’re a monkey. If you did that though; there’d be very little difference between a baboon, a buffoon – and you . And for everyone who comes to Roadies auditions and says, “mujhe koi bhi task de do, mein ko bhi task kar loonga.. mein 100% doonga”, please (and I say this with folded hands ) – just. stop. talking . It you can deadlift 500 kilos and do a million push-ups or are an expert at nunchucks – it doesn’t matter! If you don’t have basic game skills, hand-eye coordination (as needed for tennis), the ability to climb a rope, use a bow and arrow, ride a bicycle, row a boat or even play marbles, a show like Roadies will catch you out and embarrass you. I think it’s safe to say that besides Ankita, the other girls trying their hand at tennis, embarrassed themselves and with that, also painted a bright red target on their own backs . The thing is, early on in the show, when most people don’t know each other, it’s good to not get noticed. If you *are* going to get noticed – be a Prince. Perform so well in a task that you scare people. But fail in a task, whether with a tennis racquet or inside a cage… and you become the talking point on everyone’s tongue, for the next vote-out. @mtvindia @mtvroadies

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When Neha Dhupia would be asked to choose one contestant for another gang leader, she would name Tarun. She will ask him to join Sandeep Singh’s gang. Much to the surprise of all, Tarun too will start crying refusing to go away from Prince Narula’s team. He will request Neha to send him to Prince’s gang but she will stick to her decision. Tarun will also reveal that he had promised Prince three years back that he will come to Roadies and win under his guidance.

While other gang leaders would be shocked at this behaviour, Prince would be left completely overwhelmed. He will go on to share that many believe he won three reality shows (Roadies X2, Splitsvilla 8 and Bigg Boss 9) by fluke but he has worked really hard for it. And the love and respect from the contestants, only makes him want to do better. Prince will cheer up Tara and Tarun and promise to support them through the course of the show. On his part, he will choose Ankita Pathak for his team.

Apart from all this drama, there would also be a vote-out among the remaining contestants. Who do you feel will lose the chance to be in the Roadies Real Heroes journey?

(By Sana Farzeen)