Roadies Real Heroes Preview: Arun, Sahiba And Adil To Get Evicted

Ringmaster Rannvijay Singh will announce that the contestants will have to vote out one member from each gang

It was only last week that the gangs got reshuffled, and now it would be time for an exciting vote out on Roadies Real Heroes. Ringmaster Rannvijay Singh will announce that the contestants will have to vote out one member from each gang. Prince Narula’s gang after winning the previous task, would be safe from the elimination.

After the votes would be cast, the results will shock the gang leaders. But before that, Neha Dhupia’s gang member Milind Chandwani, who is a real hero, will decide to let go off his immunity band, saying that he’s feeling threatened. His fears will turn out to be true as maximum votes would be cast against him. After Neha’s gang, Sandeep Singh’s Sahiba Kaur will be voted out by the contestants. The fiery sardarni will confront the contestants and make a hue and cry about her exit.

Next would be Nikhil Chinapa’s gang member, the philosophical Adil Dhaliwal. As the gang leaders would be trying to come to terms with the eviction of Adil, who according to them is one of the best human beings on the show, another shock would come their way. Arun Sharma, who entered Roadies as a wildcard, will be voted out next. His gang leader Raftaar will be left distraught and blame the contestants for throwing the strongest person out. Arun too would start crying saying that he would have liked to go out after a task rather than being just voted out casually.

Now here comes the major twist, Rannvijay Singh will inform that only one among the three would go home at the end of the episode. For that, the trio will have to compete against each other. The one who will win the task will get immunity, while the last one would have to make an exit from the show.

The task will test their strength and mathematical skills. The three would also be asked to pick another teammate from their gangs. While Arun will choose Aarushi Dutta, Adil will pick Bhargsetu and Sahiba will go with Tara Prasad.

Who do you think will manage to survive this tough task? Watch all this and more tonight on MTV Roadies Real Heroes.

(By Sana Farzeen)