Roadies Real Heroes Preview: An ‘Entertainment’ Task To Test The Contestants

Ringmaster Rannvijay Singh will introduce the 'entertainment task' where the gangs will have to present a total paisa vasool performance

This Sunday, gear up to watch an entertaining episode of Roadies Real Heroes. After Xerxes Irani gets eliminated, the new task will bring a sense of excitement for the contestants. Ringmaster Rannvijay Singh will introduce the ‘entertainment task’ where the gangs will have to present a total paisa vasool performance. The gang leaders would also have to be a part of the task.

The rules will be simple- being in the southern part of the country, the play should have an OTT entry, dance and song routine, romance and of course action. Neha Dhupia’s gang would be shocked to know that the actor is actually not comfortable with the task. Although coming from showbiz, she will say that expectations of people make her nervous. She would thus decide to be only the director.

On the other hand, Prince Narula and gang would be excited about their performance. They will develop a storyline and rehearse for the same. Raftaar, who hails from Kerala, will be excited to finally perform for his native people. As for Nikhil Chinapa and Sandeep Singh, the two gang leaders will have a hard time working with their gangs. While Sandeep will be extra shy when it comes to dancing, Nikhil’s team members will not be able to come on the same page.

The night of the performance will arrive. Rannvijay Singh will introduce Divya Agarwal as the second judge along with him. There would be a live audience, who will also vote for the gangs.

So who will finally emerge as the winning team and win immunity? Watch MTV Roadies Real Heroes tonight to know more.

(By Sana Farzeen)