Roadies Real Heroes Preview: A ‘Feasty’ Task For The Contestants

Ringmaster Rannvijay Singh will introduce the task in Roadies Real Heroes, which will have the contestants enjoy a three-course feast

The Roadies Real Heroes journey kickstarted last week with the first task for the contestants. While gang Nikhil Chinapa was voted out from participating in the task, Prince Narula’s team managed to win the immunity. And now, in Sunday’s episode, the other gangs will fight it out to win partial immunity for their team.

Ringmaster Rannvijay Singh will introduce the task, which will have the contestants enjoy a three-course feast. The first stage will require them to eat idlis with spicy gun powder chutney. Hidden inside the idlis would be chickpeas, that they would have to blow out using a pipe. The chickpeas would have to burst five butter paper flags to take the team to the next level. Two gang leaders would also be given the job to distract the team from completing the task.

In the second round, a contestant would have to lie down on a swing and burst pots of sambhar with a baseball bat. Two contestants would have to collect the sambhar in bowls. The contestants would then have to eat appams with the collected sambhar. After that, the team will have to unlock a box and eat the dessert, before their time runs out.


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#Repost @nikhilchinapa • • • • • • If you hadn’t already figured it out – let me tell you, the mind games on @mtvroadies #roadiesrealheroes have begun. There’s always a bit of spark in their eyes every time Neha and Prince have a chat – and that spark turns into somewhat of a raging inferno on the show, during tasks and vote-outs . Raftaar, ever the firestarter as a performer on stage, morphs into lighter fluid, adding more fuel to the fire in the last vote-out’s debate (if we can call it that). That chat between Prince, Neha and Raftaar (with a few “expert” quips from Sandeep and me) lasted well over an hour – leaving the Roadies a bit gobsmacked and bemused. After all, isn’t frothing at the mouth more their forte? It looks like the gangleaders stole their thunder! . It just goes to show how deeply invested in Roadies we *all* are – starting first and foremost with Rannvijay. On the surface, it may look like fun and games but we’re enormously passionate about the show and will gladly go the extra 100 miles to fight for our gangs or stand by a point we’re making . I was quite pleased with the #GangNikhil’s composition. Lakshya has mutiple strengths, Rachel is strong (and also a ticking time bomb), Simran is agile and athletic and Priya is clever and multifaceted. More importantly, 3 of them were in the team they had formed amongst themselves in the Munnar market task – which meant they also got along with each other . By now, Prince and I have started thinking along similar lines for the game. Raftaar thinks of Neha as his older sister – and she returns his affection warmly. Raftaar and Sandeep have also been friends for close to a decade. So we know the three of them are going to band together in an alliance. Prince and I don’t necessarily want to force an alliance, but in pure math – there are 12 roadies from gangs Raftaar, Neha and Sandeep, in one alliance and the remaining 8 in ours. If our gangs are going to survive, Prince and I need to get creative with our strategy – and fast.

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Prince Narula, who had won the last task, will be given the chance to pick the team’s order for the challenge. Once again attacking his arch nemesis, he will send Neha Dhupia first, followed by Raftaar, Sandeep Singh and Nikhil Chinapa.

Although Neha Dhupia’s gang will try their best, they wouldn’t be able to cross even the first stage. In the end, it would be a close call between team Nikhil, Raftaar and Sandeep.

And if you thought, this would be the end to the drama, the next vote out will soon become the hot topic of discussion among the contestants. With gang Neha, Raftaar and Sandeep forming an alliance, the sword of eviction will hang upon Nikhil and Prince.

Catch all this and more tonight at 7 pm on MTV.

(By Sana Farzeen)