Roadies Real Heroes Evicted Contestant Tarun Solanki: I Have No Regrets

A martial art expert, Tarun Solanki proved his strength and determination on Roadies Real Heroes.

Delhi boy Tarun Solanki is the latest contestant to get evicted from Roadies Real Heroes. While Tarun was chosen for gang leader Sandeep Singh’s team, his heart pined for Prince Narula. It was his loyalty towards Prince that irked the other contestants to vote him out on Sunday’s episode.

A martial art expert, Tarun proved his strength and determination on Roadies Real Heroes. Post his exit, Tarun spoke exclusively to about his short stint on Roadies, love for Prince Narula and future endeavours.

Excerpts from the conversation:

What do you have to say about your eviction?

I am really disappointed but there are no hard feelings. It was my dream to be on the show. While people plan different careers in school, I would dream of being on Roadies. I am so proud that I could do well on all the tasks that came my way. I have already shared how I had messaged Prince three years back that I will be on the show. And it feels great that I could keep my promise.

Do you think your loyalty towards Prince went against you?

I have no regrets of being loyal towards him. Before I went on the show, my mother had told me to play the game from the heart, even if others try to prove me wrong. And that’s what I did. I have always wanted to be in his team. I cried for him when I was sent to another gang. I could never ditch him. Yes, I should have taken my gang leader Sandeep Singh in confidence but things don’t always go as you want them to. Also, while my loyalty was towards Prince, I would have never put my gang in danger. I performed for them every time.

Prince broke down when you got evicted. How did that feel?

I was heartbroken seeing him get so upset. But I am proud of myself that in a competition, I won such great friends. I have made bonds for life and till now, I am in touch with them. Also, I won respect and that’s what matters the most.

How has the response been on social media?

It’s been overwhelming. Out of the 100 messages I received, 99 of them told me that I shouldn’t have been evicted. How do I tell them that everything is not in our hands? Young people tell me that they are inspired by my journey and that feels really good. Also, I have had a surge in my followers and it feels special for sure.

What is your favourite memory from the Roadies journey?

There are lots of them. During my audition, I was the only contestant to defeat Prince bhai. Even the episode where Tara and I cried turned out to be the highest rated one. I love the fact that people related to us and today consider us as inspiration. Life has indeed come full circle as now I have messages in my inbox saying that they will work hard to be a Roadie someday.

What’s next?

I also write so I am planning to release a single soon. Also, I will move to Mumbai and start my career as an actor, maybe. I also want to do more reality shows. I don’t want to let go of this opportunity and will definitely do something worthwhile for my fans.

While MTV Roadies Real Heroes has Rannvijay Singh as the ringmaster, Prince Narula, Sandeep Singh, Neha Dhupia, Raftaar and Nikhil Chinapa are the gang leaders.

(By Sana Farzeen)