Roadies Real Heroes Evicted Contestant Nikita Yadav: Exited The Show With My Head Held High

Neha Dhupia's gang member and Delhi girl Nikita Yadav was voted out from Roadies Real Heroes, along with Priya Singh and Chetna Joshi

The latest episode of Roadies Real Heroes saw three contestants being voted out. With gang members voting out the weakest among them, Nikita Yadav, Priya Singh and Chetna Joshi had to bid goodbye to the reality show.

Post her eviction, Neha Dhupia’s gang member and Delhi girl Nikita Yadav spoke exclusively to about her journey in the show.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Were you expecting to get voted off the show?

When we got to know that it’s an internal gang vote out, it was not shocking at all. Tara was immune and so Milind and I couldn’t vote him out. In case we had a chance, we would have voted him out, after seeing him swing his loyalty more towards Prince’s gang. We were all in a helpless situation.

But you and Tara could have voted out Milind?

I know, and it would have been a game-changer. After Tarun’s eviction, Tara had wanted to get Milind out and it was his only chance. He could have turned the entire game and even won love from Tarun’s friends and fans. I was anyway not holding the queen’s position in the chessboard, nothing will change without me. If Tara had taken a chance, I would still be in the game.


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Okay guys, too many posts I know, just can’t help the feeling of how epic this task was. ROUND 1 – I made the first push and within the first 20seconds, made Rashmeet lose the grip of her coconut. Succeeded in keeping her on the ground by putting my entire body weight on her. Her coconut was empty. In desperation, she kept using her rope which in turn hit my head and face and ignited me. ROUND 2 – Since we had spilled alot of oil already, my clothes and hand was slippery. My own rope happened to wrap me and when I tried to get rid of the hold, Rashmeet hit my elbow and my coconut dropped. I picked it up, squatting, too scared, Rash would use the same strategy as mine in the first round, but yeah, stood on my legs again. I lost my calm after this. I hit her everywhere possible in an attempt to make her coconut fall. Even the harness broke at this point and Rashmeet fell for the second time (this wasn’t on TV). We had a pause, the rod was fixed and we started again. ROUND 3 – Having a better grip on my coconut was more important. I wanted defence this time. I shifted my coconut to my right hand and hit Rash’s with my left. I mostly tried giving her a verbal fight so she’d lose focus and I could throw her coconut again. Conclusively, she won, but it was a mutual Victory. Before Roadies, we are friends. Am happy despite the friendship we had this fair fight. Thanks @rjdeigg for capturing these. #mtvroadies #mtvindia . @nehadhupia @raftaarmusic @nikhilchinapa @sandeep_rebirth @princenarula @oppomobileindia @woodlandexploremore @frankfinnofficial @bigmuscles_nutrition #mtvroadies #mtvroadies #mtvindia #mtvroadiesrealheroes #roadiesrealheroes #roadies #kerela @mtvroadies @mtvindia @rannvijaysingha @nehadhupia @raftaarmusic @sandeep_rebirth @nikhilchinapa @princenarula @mtv #fashion

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You left everyone impressed with your performance against Rashmeet. It must have come as a big consolation.

I have always believed in letting my work talk. I was quiet throughout the show because I wanted to prove myself in the task. And I did manage to do that. So I shut everyone up and left the show with my head held high.

Did you have enough support from your gang leader Neha Dhupia?

I did get support from her but yes, there were many ups and downs. I entered the show as the ‘vaat’ and so had to prove my worth time and again. Also, I had a hard time mingling with people. But my eviction came only when I felt I have finally lived my Roadies journey. I aced the task, proved myself and made friends. I think this is why it didn’t feel too bad, though yes, I did deserve to stay longer in the show.

After Roadies, you must have become a star in college?

I have always been the star in my college (laughs). I was the Miss Fresher and always received extraordinary attention from everyone. But yes, my college mates are definitely surprised that I could survive Roadies for this long.

What’s next?

I am pursuing my Philosophy Honours from Daulat Ram College, and I want to complete my education. Roadies has been an amazing journey but I don’t want to shift to Mumbai to just seek fame. Now I know about the industry and it will definitely give me an edge whenever I want to enter it. For now, I have started fashion, lifestyle and makeup blogging. This is something I have always wanted to do.

While Rannvijay Singha is the ringmaster, Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Sandeep Singh, Raftaar and Nikhil Chinapa are the gang leaders on Roadies Real Heroes.

(By Sana Farzeen)