#NotShaadiMaterial and proud: Women come up with interesting tweets to defy societal norms

A trend has taken over social media with women sharing all their qualities which makes them not a 'shaadi material'. Check out tweets here

A trend on social media has been picked up by women and they are unabashedly participating in it. Started by Star Plus, for their new show Ikyawann, #NotShaadiMaterial has prompted hundreds of women to speak up. The Indian society has a penchant for conforming women according to set norms, and it looks like women have taken upon themselves to break it.

Since time immemorial girls are taught about a certain kind of behaviour which will make them eligible for marriage when they come of age. How they should dress, what they should speak, and how they should conduct themselves in public, are just few of the many things taught to girls.

But this hashtag has given women a chance to speak up against all the stereotypes. The replies the hashtag has received are interesting, to say the least. Celebrities Richa Chadha and Bani J too joined the choir and asked if they are fit enough for marriage.

Have a look:












Now that women have asked why they aren’t a shaadi material, do you also feel the same?


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