Kapil Sharma just made 7 revelations about Sunil Grover, his alcohol addiction, Firangi, and affairs

Kapil Sharma has finally broken his silence and talked about his health, love affairs, Sunil Grover and much more. Check it out here

Kapil Sharma has been in the news lately, unfortunately more for bad reasons than good. The Kapil Sharma Show, which once ruled TRP charts did not fare well recently. Post his fallout with Sunil Grover, which was covered in great detail by the media, Kapil’s show started falling off the cliff. After he cancelled shoots with many Bollywood celebrities, Kapil was slammed by many. His critics were of the opinion that Kapil Sharma was unable to handle stardom and had become disrespectful towards Bollywood celebs.

What many critics of Kapil Sharm failed to realise was that the ace comedian was under a lot of pressure. Working on TV can take a toll on anyone and in Kapil’s case, the expectations were high. After his friend Sunil Grover left him, Kapil obviously wasn’t able to perform well. Coupled with his deteriorating health condition, Kapil had no choice but to take a break. In a tell-all interview with a leading daily, Kapil Sharma spoke about his decision, his future plans and more.

Have a look at his statements:

On taking a break to go to a rehab to get rid of alcohol addiction: 

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma
(Courtesy: Twitter/ @starworld)

For a while now, there have been numerous reports about Kapil being addicted to alcohol. In fact, it was suggested that his fallout with Sunil happened because he was under the influence of alcohol and abused him. Talking about it, Kapil said:

I am currently in Bangalore undergoing Ayurvedic treatment. I needed to repair my body to make a great and healthy comeback. I am hoping to be back in Mumbai by September-end. Most of what has been written about me lately is rubbish. I have been working for the last 10 years without a break and I needed medical help to combat anxiety, blood pressure and sugar problems and correct an unbalanced diet.

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On Sony channel pressurising him to get TRPs

Kapil Sharma, Govinda and Shakti Kapoor

Kapil Sharma, Govinda and Shakti Kapoor

Kapil refuted the rumours suggesting that Sony was upset with him for poor TRPs. He said the bosses had been more than understanding.

Another channel would have put insane pressure on me to carry on, but the Sony bosses never issued any threats. I could not afford to cancel another episode so I called them and requested that I wanted to take a break. They readily agreed. They have been really supportive.

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On placing The Kapil Sharma Show in the parking lot because of his film Firangi

dear zindagi

SRK, Alia Bhatt On The Kapil Sharma Show
(Courtesy: Instagram| srkworldclub)

Kapil Sharma said he wouldn’t ever be unfair to TKSS. He maintained the show was his bread and butter. Replying to rumours about him working on the film more, Kapil said Firangi was wrapped up in March.

I’m spending my own hard-earned money to produce a film I’m acting in and which I want to promote well. I’m pumping in my fee from hosting the TV show and events into the film. Am I a fool to jeopardise my biggest source of income by making Shah Rukh Khan wait? Those who’re calling me arrogant and egoistic don’t know how nice Shah Rukh has been to me, how much love and respect I have for him. I don’t wish to make anybody wait, be it a superstar or not.

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On his downfall from being India’s richest comedian to being called arrogant 

Shah Rukh Khan and Kapil Sharma, inuth.com

Shah Rukh Khan and Kapil Sharma

Many suggested that Kapil was unable to handle stardom and this led to his downfall. To this Kapil said:

Most people have a publicist to manage not just their personal life, but also the way they handle the media and their work on set. It is all agenda-driven. I still don’t understand how all this works. If I am upset, I say it straight, I don’t indulge in mind games.

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On his much-discussed fight with Sunil Grover

Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma in happier times.

Kapil Sharma maintained that Sunil is a friend and will always be. He said:

That was a one-off incident. What happened between Sunil and me was not a fight, it was an accident. I was shooting with him seven days a week when that accident happened. I admit I was completely wrong. I was grappling with 50 things and could not handle things well. My best wishes are always with Sunil.

On his current relationship with the former creative producer Preeti Simoes:

Kapil Sharma was alleged to be in a relationship with Preeti. It was rumoured that since they had an ugly-break up, Preeti moved on with a new show and became a part of The Drama Company. On this, Kapil Sharma said:

Long before she (Preeti) joined me, I was doing Comedy Circus and Laughter Challenge. I worked really hard. It didn’t stop with her coming into my life or when she walked out. I would like to wish her all the best with her own show now. Personal equations have never been detrimental to my career, it’s my health that has affected me adversely. If you fall, it’s your fault and nobody else’s.

Now that Kapil Sharma has spoken about the problems he is facing, maybe critics would understand his position and go easy om him. Don’t you agree?


(Quotes: Pune Mirror)

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