Bigg Boss 11: Here's how Sshivani Durga is trying scare off other contestants

It should be noted that Sshivani Durga has a Ph.D. in occult and Karma Kanda and aims to spread knowledge about Tantrik traditions

Sshivani Durga has started showing her true colours in the Bigg Boss 11 house. The woman who is a qualified Tantrik didn’t do anything over the top during her first four days in the house. But seems like that’s going to change now and it’s her time to make her first move to grab attention.  The showdown between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta was the first highlight, Sshivani Durga has finally done something to make her presence felt on the show. But, how justified was she in doing it?

It should be noted that the lady has done a Ph.D. in occult and Karma Kanda and aims to spread knowledge about Tantrik traditions. When she had entered the house, she made a promise that she would use the platform to dispel myths about Tantriks and Aghoris. She says she wants to undo the damage done by the likes of  Swami Om during his stay in the Bigg Boss house last season.

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Akash Dadlani, Shivani Durga, Luv Tyagi, Bigg Boss 11 contestants

Contestants in Bigg Boss 11 (Courtesy: Twitter/ Bigg Boss 11)

Here’s what she said while entering the house:

Swami Om completely destroyed our credibility. I want to prove that everyone is not the same and there are genuine god man and woman who have the knowledge and the powers. I want to regain people’s trust and respect in us. To be honest, whichever saint has been popularized is fake, the true ones believe in themselves and not stoop down for publicity. We are being blessed with some energies and through this show I want to showcase that we are a positive lot, who believe in spreading good vibes and happiness around.

However, in the episode tonight, she will be seen doing something rather scary and completely opposite of what she had promised.  In the teaser of tonight’s episode, she is seen staring at Shilpa Shinde as if she is possessed. This makes rest of the inmates uncomfortable. They look so scared that they leave the room with Shipa sleeping all alone in the presence of Durga.

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While this is sure to garner some eyeballs for the show, it must be questioned whether the display of such things should even be allowed on national television. What kind of impact will it have on the show’s audience who are used to seeing human bickering over coffee, butter, and other regular stuff? This is one zone the show has never entered.

Sshivani Durga, Bigg Boss 11, Colors TV

Sshivani Durga in Bigg Boss 11 (Courtesy: Twitter/ Bigg Boss 11)

At the same time, one also wonders why Sshivani is resorting to using such extreme tactics so early in the show. This when she is not nominated for elimination this week. Neither has she indulged in any argument with the contestants. Above all, there is no problem between her and Shilpa, who is supposed to be at the receiving end of her ire in today’s episode. Is this to deviate audience’s attention to her profession then? Or do we have something interesting in the stores from this female baba?