#ShortWatch: In 'Her First Time', A Father Deals With His Daughter's First Period

This should be a mandatory watch for all parents.

In many Indian households, nay, households across the world, the responsibility of explaining menstruation falls on the mother. This short film by journalist-turned-actress Divya Unni seeks to change that very mindset. How can something so natural be off-limits for open discussion with the male members of the family?

In short film begins by giving us a glimpse into a nuclear family. The mother is a gynecologist who is helping a woman deliver a baby and in the house there’s just a confused teenager and her equally confused father. But unlike other households, this dad rises to the ocassion like a champ after the first brush with cluelessness is over. Obviously with the help of the omnipresent Google.

The short film is uncomplicated, direct and sensitive to the taboo around menstruation without becoming preachy. Unni, who starred in Tikli And Laxmi Bomb, has made a pretty exceptional directorial debut.

Her First Time has previously been screen at over 15 film festivals worldwide. It has also been chosen by Breakthrough India – an NGO that works with corporates to address ‘behavioural issues’ – to raise awareness.


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