Phillauri: Anushka Sharma presents the chapter one of Shashi's story

The video starts with some insight into Shashi's colourful life before she turned a ghost and Anushka Sharma's narration makes it even more interesting

Anushka Sharma, who is all set to take us on a fun ride in and as Phillauri, has recently released a video which will give us a sneak peek into the life of Shashi. Titled Chapter 1 – The Bride… In Spirit, the video is a tell-all tale, narrated by none other than Shashi herself.

In the entire video, Shashi talks about her life and how she feels after being married as a ghost to a guy who is afraid of her. The video starts with some insight into Shashi’s colourful life before she turned a ghost. The narration says that life was very simple and lovely when Shashi was alive.

Revealing further details about her character and love life, Anushka says in the video that ‘Love is a universal concept and remains the same, no matter which century we live in’. Taking about Shashi ‘the ghost’, the actress revealed that Shashi is surprised to see the interpersonal relations of people in 2017 and is trying to understand it.

She also explained that Shashi, who is 100 years-old finds everything strange in this new world. From light bulbs, mobile phones to cultural differences, Shashi is just clueless about all that is happening around her. The video also consists of film’s making and will make you all the more excited about it.

Phillauri is Anushka Sharma’s second home production venture after NH10 and this is for the first time that the actress will be seen playing a ghost on-screen. The film is an unfinished love story with shows two lifetimes together. The character of Shashi’s love interest is played by Diljit Dosanjh and his chemistry with Anushka is making us go crazy to watch them on-screen soon.

Phillauri is scheduled to release on March 24 this year.