Our Desi Gurl Priyanka Chopra Might Be In A Marvel Movie Soon, Confirms 'Avengers' Director

We are here for it!

Keep calm PeeCee fans…if you can that is! Joe Russo, co-director of Avengers: Endgame just confirmed that Marvel is in talks with our homegirl Priyanka Chopra to be in an upcoming Marvel film and we’re super excited!

Russo, who is currently in India to promote Endgame before it’s release, spoke to media and revealed, “Priyanka is transitioning into global status now. She is fantastic… (I would) Love to work with her… I am potentially talking to Priyanka for something. I am not going to say what it is.”

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Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige had said last year that they are planning to make a standalone film on superhero Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan. While many PeeCee fans wanted her to be in it, she may not be the best actor to play the role. Why? Because Ms Marvel is a 16-year-old Pakistani-American from New Jersey according to the comic books, and PeeCee does not need to go down the Khan-daan route and play teenagers well into adulthood.

While we would love to see our desi gurl play a powerful brown-skinned superhero backed by MCU, who have gained loads of acclaim for their inclusivity (thanks to Black Panther and Captain Marvel), we don’t want to see her be miscast as a teenager. She deserves better. We deserve better. Especially after the debacle that was the AR Rahman Avengers anthem.

It would be a sheer delight to watch PeeCee as a Marvel superhero and we want this project to happen sooner than soon. Indian actors have been in Hollywood before, but no one has been able to achieve what Chopra has. She has already played a Baywatch villain and almost had us convinced that she would make for a great Bond villain too. She has also revealed plans to be in a Maa Anand Sheela biopic. But, if she wants to go down the superhero route, then also we are here for it!