Twitter Is Mercilessly Trolling AR Rahman's 'Avengers: Endgame' Anthem. We Kinda Saw It Coming

Oh well! Let's all pretend like this debacle never happened, shall we?

To put things nicely, when it was announced that AR Rahman will be composing the anthem for the Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu versions of Avengers: Endgame, we were skeptical. We knew even for a maestro like Rahman it would be a tall task to match up to the expectations of fans who have been ardent lovers of the Marvel universe for over a decade. Also his forays into Hollywood were never exactly epic to begin with. And now that the results are out, people aren’t happy.

This is definitely not one of Rahman’s best works. It’s actually very blah and the visuals of him walking around in the signature SRK pose (arm stretched out wide) is kinda ridiculous. But Twitter is being extra savage, as always, and have been trolling Rahman mercilessly since the video dropped.

Some people want Marvel to remove the track altogether because they can’t deal with it

Some are also dragging Student Of The Year 2 director Punit Malhotra because he directed the video

Oh well! Let’s all pretend like this debacle never happened, shall we?