Koffee With Karan's second episode was to be about Johar's BFF Twinkle but Akshay steals the show

The cutest moment on the show was when Akshay sang Frank Sinatra’s hit song Strangers in the Night which was 'their song' during courtship period.

Koffee with Karan is back and for the first time in its history, Karan Johar’s BFF Twinkle Khanna appeared on the show. So, Mrs Funny Bones graced the show with her husband Akshay Kumar. While the first episode was all about Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, the second was only about Twinkle Khanna. Akshay spoke about Twinkle and his courtship period, Karan about his and her childhood, and Twinkle about what she does with both the guys. So, it was more of an — ‘all you need to know about Tina’ episode.


While we know she knows her words well, this was expected. In the show, Mrs Funny Bones opened about several things — from making Karan run from the boarding school to her PJ on article 377. Though she spoke her mind out, we expected more from her.

Oh yes, few things were funny. One of them was when Karan asked Mrs Funny Bones — what does Akshay has which khans don’t. To this Twinkle replied “some extra inches.” Well, we love you Twinkle for such replies. But this is something we have already seen. We have already heard this when you spoke to Karan on your book release.

Apart from this, she spoke about Karan’s sexuality relating it to her husband. Which was nothing to do with the conversation at all! Even she joked about Karan going to the jail for 377 days. So, ya we have heard this time and again but once more, this was the part of the show. So, this time Karan asked why he was in love with Twinkle for a very brief moment. Her reply: “Because my testosterone level is almost a man’s, and I had a moustache at that point. So you must have looked at that moustache and said, ‘I like that. It’s really hot. I want that.” It was fine and funny till here but then Karan’s reply about it, “If I agree with what you’re saying, I could be put into jail,” Which then followed up by Twinkle saying they would go to jail for 377 days only. Confused Akshay asked about why 377 days and then she replied section 377. Really Twinkle? This is what we call a PJ, which was so bad that it was only bad.

While the episode was all focused on Twinkle, we expected her to lift the spirits of the show to another level. However, she just joked around Karan and a few things from their childhood. Where is that Mrs Funny Bones we see on Twitter or in her columns or her book? Sarcasm was completely missing! The episode was moderately humorous, but it failed to make us laugh out loud.

Dear mrs Funny Bones, are you funny only when it comes to Twitter?

As the trio proceedes towards the rapid fire round she chose not to answer interesting questions. Twinkle, you were not this spoilsport. Okay, so when Karan asked her to pick the coolest Khan amongst Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman. She immediately asked him to choose first and added Fawad Khan to the list. Karan’s expression was priceless, but Twinkle, how long we are going to drag this? We expect something new!

Rather I really liked how Akshay sportingly took every question. He spoke about his only movie with Sri Devi and about its climax. That was an interesting part. The cutest moment on the show was when Akshay sang Frank Sinatra’s hit song Strangers in the Night which was ‘their song’ during courtship period. And of course, their moves!

By the way Karan, Akshay clearly won the hamper!