Know why Amber Rose is having 'sleepless nights'

American model Amber Rose is having “sleepless nights” after she had sex with a man and a woman in a “threesome”.

The 32-year-old recently experimented in the bedroom and says it was “f*****g horrible” because it lacked any passion, reports

Speaking in her first Loveline podcast, Rose said: “We kinda just got together; it was a guy and a girl and it was f*****g horrible. It was the worst. It was horrible. I am literally having sleepless nights.

“I felt the pressure, getting older, to experience new things and I did it against my better judgment because I talk about sex a lot.”

Rose further shared that she “hated” the experiment.

“Because I feel like I am a very passionate lover and I like that one-on-one passion. With the threesome I felt like there was no passion,” she said.