#HugDay: The evolution of Bollywood hugs from the 1930s till now

From Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor's searing passion to Akshay Kumar's toothy smile - Bollywood hugs have seen quite a slide.

Bollywood has more or less, always been about romance. It’s been about the smouldering intensity with which a man and a woman look at each other, and in spite of the less-than-favourable circumstances, end up on the same side. And therefore in the Valentine’s week, it is only but natural that we should celebrate the many, many love stories – which have served as a blueprint for the gullible ones.

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On #HugDay, we celebrate the many hugs exchanged between the biggest stars of Hindi films. It’s interesting to note how the ‘intensity’ has diminished over the years, and has been replaced with this ‘play-acting’ which even the audience seems to be in on. So at one point, where there were Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor used to submit each and every inch of themselves to their on-screen lovers, these days we have Akshay Kumar flashing his toothy smile before planting a kiss on his (on-screen) wife’s forehead.

It’s been quite a slide for Bollywood.