Kim Kardashian robbery: 16 suspects arrested in Paris

Kim Kardashian who was attending Paris Fashion Week in the month of October was reportedly robbed at gunpoint in her rented apartment in Paris.

At least 16 people have been arrested in connection with the TV star Kim Kardashian’s robbery case in Paris, last year. The police have also summoned a number of suspects for further questioning.

According to reports, the accused disguised themselves and fled from the scene after the robbery took place. The police confirmed that the racket was busted after the one of the accused left his DNA on the scene, the Guardian reported.

In the month of October, the reality TV star claimed that she was robbed at gunpoint in her rented Paris apartment. It was reported that Kim was tied up by the masked unidentified miscreants. The incident took at around 3 am when Kim Kardashian was in Paris to attend the Paris fashion week.

They also apparently took off with $10 million worth of jewels after Kim managed to relieve herself from their clutches and screamed for help. They also reportedly stole Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring.

Her husband, Kanye West who was in the middle of a concert had to the spot after the new of Kim being robbed broke.

According to some international media reports, the robbers reportedly kept track of Kim Kardashian’s whereabouts and also suspect the involvement of insiders. She was “shaken up after the incident took place.