Jimmy Kimmel continues attacking Donald Trump, this time by holding a "Trump-Free" Tuesday on his talk show

Donald Trump was viciously trolled by Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars ceremony last week.

He may have royally roasted Donald Trump at the Oscars, but American talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel now just seems fed up with all the Trump talk happening in the US and the world. Kimmel made a powerful statement by not discussing the US President at all last night, despite Trump making his first address to joint session of the US Congress for the first time since being sworn in as the President.

American broadcaster ABC, on which Jimmy Kimmel Live is aired, announced Kimmel’s decision not to bring up Trump in a statement.

According to American new media outlets, the ABC statement read, “Jimmy Kimmel has declared tonight’s episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Trump-Free Tuesday.”

“With the past two years dominated by talk of Donald Trump, Jimmy is announcing a much-needed break from discussing the President and his administration — at least for one night,” the statement said.

At the 2017 Oscars night in Hollywood last week, host Kimmel grabbed eyeballs as he made jibes that were viewed as being extremely critical of Trump’s immigration policies. At one point during the awards, he even tweeted out to Trump asking if “he was up.”

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While Trump has a reputation of being easily provoked at insults from Hollywood celebrities, he has surprisingly held his calm in the wake of Kimmel’s jibes at the Oscars.