Force 2: John Abraham speaks about his family, stunts & tackling lows of life

John Abraham has taken his action image very seriously, this makes him fearless when he does action. From lifting bikes to lifting cars, John has done it all for his upcoming film Force 2.

John Abraham has taken his action image very seriously. From lifting bikes to lifting cars, John has done it all for his upcoming film Force 2. During our recent interaction with the actor, he told us about his injuries and how he tackles his lows in life.

The entire promotion of Force 2 has taken a patriotic turn. Whose idea was it and do you think it is relevant in today’s time?
We planned this film one and a half years back, so there was no sense of nationalism or being opportunistic that we wanted to do with this film. Unfortunately, Uri attacks took place and so suddenly Force 2 becomes far more relevant film in today’s time, it was never planned that we will work around this sudden attack.

Films based on real life incidents are catching up with directors and actors these days…
I was always fascinated about true stories and always wanted to make a film based on true stories. Force 2 is an amalgamation of true stories of RAW agents, and spy. We created something that we thought is very credible. But we were also very clear that we want to make a commercial film and not a documentary. Force is a hardcore commercial franchise. There is maar-dhad (fighting), songs and everything but still it’s very credible. By the time you walk out, you are like wow, this film does make sense.

John Abraham Sonakshi Sinha at Aamar Jawan

You have always done stunts which have put your life at risk, do you think it’s worth it?
Yeah! See if you take safety and there is no false sense of bravado, sometimes, as actors, we get excited. We want to jump when there are five people watching you but, I don’t have that false sense of bravado. If there is enough sense of safety, I don’t think there is any harm in doing stunts, and of course if you are an idiot and your producers are irresponsible, then you’ll get hurt or if there are no safety standards, then there’ll be a problem like what happened with those two Kannada actors recently. I think those situations do arise. But it’s totally worth it. Sonakshi, me and Tahir, we all have done our own stunts and that is too much fun. There are dancing heroes and then there are action heroes and I am one of them. I like this space.

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John Abraham- Knee surgery: (Courtesy:Express)

There was a risk of your leg getting amputated. How did your family take it?
My family has seen me going to the hospital so many times. Every time I do some action scene, and either my leg breaks or my hand. The idea is not to worry about how you get hurt, the post-operative care is important, you don’t want people to feel sorry for you. All you want is to get back on your feet, start doing squats and get fit again, so my intent is very different. Sometimes an injury helps you to get fitter and stronger because you take rest. You take things lightly and for granted but when you get hurt you know life is precious.

Do you think action is overrated?
Action is not about doing two back flips or jumping on the walk like monkeys, rather it is an attitude. Action is second nature to me.

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John Abraham: (Courtesy:Express)

Your few films in the past haven’t done that well, how do you tackle such lows?
I have only learned the hard way, nothing has come, easy to me. I have always been in a situation where everything that I have done has been questioned, from the time I entered into this industry. The only thing that has got me to this point is self-conviction. I sit alone and convince myself, so you learn the hard way. I don’t have an ego but I have self-respect. Lows are part of everybody’s life, everybody has highs and lows in their lives.

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John’s high octane action thriller Force 2 is all set to hit the theaters on November 18. It also stars Sonakshi Sinha and Tahir Raj Bhasin in the lead.