Disgusting: Ram Gopal Varma makes sexist, racist comments on Michelle Obama

Post the announcement of Trump's victory, Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter to share his happiness.

While most of the people are still in shock, some are celebrating the victory of Republican nominee Donald Trump. People all over the world, including India, are thinking that America has failed on choosing their next president. However, some are happy and maybe even more than Trump. And one of those is Ram Gopal Varma. Indeed, he is a fan.

So, post the announcement of Trump’s victory, Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter to share his happiness. We must say he loves attention. He started with congratulating himself for predicting a Trump victory more than 4 months ago.



His next tweet was about people who thought Trump was nonsensical


Followed by this tweet where he is comparing with Trump with Obama:

rgv-tweet-two-inuthBut what went wrong was his sexist and racist tweets and comparison of both present and future First Ladies of the US.

And then the director tweeted a picture of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump with a message, which says: “For some reason, I like the present First Lady much more than the previous..can anyone tell me why?”

followed by:

And this:

What happened next is not beyond your imagination. Twitterati fumed over his tweet and slammed Trump over his tweet. While they were all fumed, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah gave it back to him in the most classy way. Here’s what he said:

However, this doesn’t matter to Varma and he kept on tweeting some other disrespectful messages.

Here is how Twitter reacted to Varma’s remark: