Dear Bollywood journalist 'chill', we love Fawad

It is the artist in you that we value and not some Pakistan-exported thing

Dear Fawad Khan,

Celebrities like Fawad Khan, Atif Aslam and Adnan Sami from Pakistan have created waves with their talent in Bollywood, but still few people want them to leave this country.

A Bollywood journalist on September 20, 2016 wrote an open letter and asked Fawad Khan to leave the country and go back to Pakistan. Though, she clarified her statement saying that she is not singling him out and addressing letter to him because he is the most famous ‘Pakistani import’ to Bollywood today, well most of us won’t agree with the statement.

Whether it is Fawad Khan, Adnan Sami, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan or Mahira Khan, why they have to leave the country. Yes we have showered love to you and to everyone who has come to India. But we have not given you any money for free. You have worked and earned. You are one of the hottest actors India has ever got and girls are crazy for you.

Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan
(Courtesy: Express)

It is the artist in you that we value and not some Pakistan-exported thing. I totally agree that you have acted in some great movies and endorsed big brands, but I also agree that you have got everything due to your hard work and passion. We have always valued artist.

Even if you are a supporting male lead in Bollywood movies, we know that you are playing an important role. You might be a mega superstar in Pakistan, but that’s not our problem. Somebody’s loss is somebody’s gain.
When a person believes that “culture knows no boundaries”, they simply can’t change statement seeing some bad people doing wrong with the country. India believes in exploring talents, welcoming them from every part of the world.

Why can’t we leave politics to our politicians? Also, I would like to tell you that Fawad is an actor, and Adnan is a singer, and not some politician. We don’t want our politicians to enter in Bollywood and make ruckus out of nothing. Similarly, we don’t want our actors to jump in between the politics.
Wouldn’t it be unfair if Priyanka Chopra will be asked to leave US or for that matter US claims that they have showered money on PeeCee. They are actors and you simply have to value their skills.