Can you spot Misha in this picture Shahid Kapoor shared on Instagram? 

After keeping Misha hidden from limelight for quite some time, daddy Shahid Kapoor has finally posted a picture of her on Instagram

Shahid Kapoor’s daughter Misha is one of the star kids who never fails to make it to the headlines. Since her birth in August last year, Misha has been a favorite topic of tabloids. The attention that Misha got was something that daddy Shahid must have deciphered even before her birth. This was probably why he showed the protective side of himself time and again.

Since her birth, there have been no pictures of Misha that caught the eye of paparazzi. On all the occasions, that she stepped out, Shahid held her close and kept her away from all the prying eyes of photographers.

But now Shahid himself has shared a picture of Misha on Instagram that has got everyone talking. The picture which was shared by the Udta Punjab star had him holding the little one in his arms.

The first picture which Shahid had shared of Misha featured her tine legs only. He had captioned the image ‘Mi-Shoe’.

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There were few reports doing rounds of media that a publication offered a huge amount of money to give them Misha’s pictures. But, Shahid reportedly turned down the offer saying the pictures were extremely dear to him.

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After Misha came in Shahid’s life, there have been many instances when he showed how protective a father he is. Recently, when photographers followed him for a photo of Misha, an angry Shahid took to Twitter to write:

Unfortunate how some journos don’t realise how bad 20 cameras flashing 2 feet away are for an infants eyes. No common sense in their dna (sic)

Fans of Sasha are definitely in awe of this side of him and would surely be more happy to catch Misha’s first look.