Why can't Kareena Kapoor Khan sit at home during pregnancy? She has a blatantly brutal answer to this

Kareena Kapoor had answered that she is pregnant, not a corpse, when asked about juggling between work and pregnancy earlier.

Kareena Kapoor Khan is expected to deliver a baby this month. The actress who is currently enjoying her maternity phase is all out and about flaunting her full blossomed belly. The Poo of Bollywood feels gorgeous and all confident making others take notice of her overgrown belly. She has been vocal about not hiding away her pregnancy and continuing with her work. She says that being pregnant is not an ailment. Nor is it a hindrance in any woman’s work life.

Ever since the actress announced her pregnancy, she has been making all regular appearances, whether at friends’ parties or public events. She is shooting for ads, opting photoshoots for magazines, launching products and also continuing with the shoot of her films.

In an interview to Grazia, when she was asked the reason as to why did she actually decide to not take rest and work during pregnancy, she gave a rather bold statement. She said that she could have sat on home and chose to hide her growing belly, but she could not find any reason to do the same. She said:

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If I was guarded or secretive about this (her pregnancy), it would have been a totally different ball game. I do have a stomach and am big. But I have a child in there and I am carrying it proudly. There’s nothing to sit at home and watch Netflix for, I go to work and come back, I don’t want to curl up and hide.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan (Courtesy: IANS/ InUth.com)

Earlier this year, Kareena also walked the ramp as a showstopper for designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. After the event, she was queried about juggling between pregnancy and work. She first said that “I am pregnant, not a corpse,” and then elaborated by saying:

I was happy and confident. Pregnant woman can walk and fly and for me it’s absolutely normal. When it comes to my work, acting is my passion and I will work till I die. As long as I am doing what I love, I am going to do that

All health to Kareena and her yet-to-arrive newborn!

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