'We live in a Wikipedia generation': Fawad Khan explains his silence on controversial issues

Fawad Khan breaks his silence on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil fiasco, Indo-Pak relations, spending time with his family and more!

When he debuted in Bollywood, Fawad Khan’s journey seemed an illustrious one but fate had something else in store for him. Owing to the hostile relations between India and Pakistan, Fawad was forced to go back to his country and looks like his return will not happen anytime soon. When relationships between India and Pakistan soured, Fawad found himself in the middle of all this. His face was flashed on TV channels, opinion pieces were written about the ban on artists and what not. But amid all of this, Fawad chose to remain silent.

In a recent interview published in Pakistan daily Dawn he revealed why he chose to do so. Fawad feels keeping quiet in the internet age is better than taking uninformed stand based on half-knowledge.

The actor gave a very compelling reason for having kept his mum during the period of turmoil. Here’s what he said:

We live in a Wikipedia generation, it’s a very sad fact that people are not well-versed in subjects and tend to get into heated arguments without knowing the context of things. I’ve been a victim of that myself. If I’m going to talk about something, I need to be educated about it and I need to have seen all the perspectives.

Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan, Karan Johar
(Courtesy: IANS)

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Fawad went on to say people expected him to take stands on matters but he is incapable of doing it. The Khoobsurat actor said it was difficult to take sides because issues aren’t black and white, everything has a shade of grey, in reality. Fawad added:

I’m not a person for confrontation. You may call me a coward, but I just don’t like confrontation. I don’t like upsetting people or getting upset myself.


Fawad Khan Ae Dil Hai Mukshil: (Courtesy: Express)

On being further probed that he somehow voiced his opinion by doing Kapoor & Sons, a film in which he played a homosexual character, Fawad said it happened unconsciously. He said:

When you start labelling intentions to things, they become very… materialistic, and in a way, selfish. If I get into something I get into it for the pure joy of it.

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fawad khan

Fawad Khan
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Fawad whose last Bollywood film was Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, said his family is his utmost priority right now. The 35-year-old actor welcomed his second child- Elayna a few months ago and said he wanted to spend a lot of time with her.