Watch: Sonu Nigam talks about Azaan row, responding to fatwas and more on Aap Ki Adalat

Sonu Nigam puts an end on the Azan tweet row, says he cannot give a proof of being secular, and also talks about fatwas in a democratic country

Sonu Nigam has been embroiled in a controversy for so long now. The singer immediately came under public brutal scrutiny over his series of tweets against the usage of loudspeakers during Azaan in mosques. The issue became so serious that fatwas were issued against the singer and a petition was also filed against him in Haryana.

While Sonu aggressively reverted to the Fatwa by shaving off his head, the Punjab & Haryana High Court reacted on the petition strongly and deemed it as a ‘cheap attempt of gaining publicity by filing petition against a known personality.’ A lot has already been said and done, including TV channels debates and celebs expressing their opinion on social media. However, Sonu remains adamant on his stance.

The Kal Ho Naa Ho fame singer was recently called at Aap Ki Adaalat where he clarified all the allegations and his intentions behind his tweets. Amid many important points that Sonu made on the show, one thing was quite prominent — his vision of finding solace in the equality of religions. Talking about being secular, the singer who had made his debut as a child artist said that he has no proof of being secular except that his best friends, hairstylist, car driver and even music teachers, have all been Muslims. He says his fight is not against a religion and that his subsequent tweets validate but against the use of music amplifiers active during hours not permitted by the Supreme Court of India.

When Sonu was asked to comment on how could he object to loudspeakers during azaan when he himself has sung in Jagrans late night, he was prompt to answer that he doesn’t do any such thing now. He said:

Main Jagran me gaata tha, par ab nahi gaata. May be because they can’t afford me now. Also, I am against the usage of speakers in any kind of religious practice, be it for prayers in temples, gurudwaras or mosques.

In the entire grilling session, the singer was also asked to comment on being a rightist, to which he replied that he’s neither inclined towards Left nor Right. He said:

I don’t understand this Left and Right business. Everyone today thinks of everything by either being a leftist or a rightist. I am somebody who takes the middle path. And I would like to urge this to all that we have to walk in between by trying to look for logical solutions to problems.

The singer’s last vocal outing for a Bollywood number was in Vidya Balan’s Begum Jaan where he sang for Anu Malik. Sonu also says that the credit of a large part of his success also goes to the musician since he had given him his first popular song — Sandesein Ate Hain in Border. He also strongly believes that he hasn’t contributed much in hi success and it was in his destiny. Acknowledging his team and other people who work to make things happen for him, Sonu said that he’s just an artist worth ‘Rs 12’ if all the people around leave him to sustain on his own.

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