Watch: Rajkummar Rao always wanted to 'sing and dance in Bollywood films' then what made him choose films like Shahid and Aligarh

Rajkummar Rao is working on a web-series by Ektaa Kapoor titled Bose. The actor says he loved Shah Rukh Khan starrer Dil Se

He is more famous for taking up off-beat roles and excelling in performing them onscreen. Actor Rajkummar Rao has carved a niche in Bollywood by doing immensely intense characters, the ones which look close to real life. And he takes pride in performing such characters in films. In an exclusive chat with InUth in Delhi, where he was promoting his web-series, Bose, with Alt Balaji, Rajkummar opened up on many things. He said that even though he enjoys doing characters which tell a story, he is also all up for ‘glitzy and glamorous Bollywood.’

The actor, who confirmed that he is going to sport a bald look for his role in the Ekta Kapoor’s web-series also talked about his love for Dil Se. Rajkummar said that if there’s one big commercial Hindi film he ever wished to be part of, it is Shah Rukh Khan starrer Dil Se. When asked whether he has any apprehensions about working in hard-core quintessential Bollywood films, the Shahid actor said:

Not at all. I grew up in Delhi watching these big Bollywood films. I always wanted to sing and dance when I was growing up here. Then I went to film school and I just explored so much of international cinema there and lot of things changed. I am a die-hard romantic. I really love Dil Se. Also, again it’s a very performance-driven film and not just a love story. But, I really loved that film. It didn’t work really well at that time but I am a big fan of Dil Se.

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This new web-series which will be out during the Independence Day festivities this year is being directed by Hansal Mehta. Both Rajkummar and Hansal make for a terrific actor-director jodi in the industry. The films in which they have worked together include Citylights, Shahid, and Aligarh. Talking about how do they click together so well, Rajkummar elaborated:

I think we are just connected. Sometimes, it happens in life. You meet somebody and you feel that connect. For me, he’s like family. He is like a father figure to me. Whatever there are problems in life, he’s the first person I would call and share my problems with. That’s personal, but in professional life as well, we understand each other very well. As an actor, that actor-director relationship is very important. They are like father-son, husband-wife, it’s such a beautiful relationship. And I am very glad I found that relationship with him. That’s the reason with the kind of films we are making. It comes from that background and like-mindedness.

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Rajkummar Rao (Courtesy: IANS)

Rajkummar Rao (Courtesy: IANS)


But, will this actor ever move ahead of playing intense, subdued characters? Rajkummar says even though his ‘heart goes out to such stories’, he is currently exploring. Talking about the same, he said:

The reason why I inch towards the characters I do is because they are all amongst ourselves. They are somebody I can relate to. They are very believable. They are normal human beings stuck in some circumstances. Apart from that, I’ve done some (different characters) I won’t say ‘stupid commercial films’ but good commercial films with a story attached to it, like Bareilly Ki Barfi, Behen Hogi Teri and I am shooting for one more (film) called Shaadi Mein Zarur Aana. I am trying to explore all the genres. I don’t typecast myself in one particular genre. But, my heart always goes out to stories like Shahid, Trapped, or Bose.

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