Watch: Raees Shah Rukh Khan celebrates bootlegging in new song- Dhingana

The new song from Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming movie Raees gives an insight into the life of the bootlegger and how he enjoys his profession

Of all the songs that have been released of the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Raees none gives an insight into the business of bootlegging, but the latest one does. Enroute Delhi from Mumbai in train, SRK shared the fourth song from the movie Dhingana and the number sounds peppy. Crooned by Mika Singh, the video of the song starts with the words ‘Baniye Ka Dimaag, Miyanbhai KI Daring’.

The video then progresses to show how Raees Alam started his own business and enjoyed it. The song has Shah Rukh Khan dancing along with Zeeshan Ayyub.

One of the dialogue promos of the film showed how Shah Rukh was displeased with the way they were working. He suggested that they should start their own business as they were blessed with Baniye ka dimaag and Miyanbhai ki daring.  Seems this song would fit in the movie after this sequence itself.

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It should also be noted that Dhingana gives  an insight to the fearlessness of Raees Alam. The way he breaks rules without thinking much or the style with which he bribes police tell that Raees doesn’t care much about the administration.

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No wonder, that’w why Raees locked horns with ACP Majmudar in the film.

Set for a release on 25 January, Raees became a talking topic ever since it went on floors. The movie stars Pakistani actress Mahira Khan in the female lead. Raees was speculated to be the story of Gujarat’s infamous bootlegger Abdul Latif. However, the makers have time and again denied the same.