Twitter 'Trolling PM Swara Bhasker' For Not Speaking Out On Muzaffarpur, Is Ingenious

Mocking a toxic campaign to flush out the trolls from Swara Bhasker's Twitter profile, you have to admit it's kinda'... brilliant.

Twitter can be a nasty place, especially if you happen to be Swara Bhasker. The actor has time and again been at the receiving end for putting forth her opinions, especially being targeted by the right-wing trolls. And that’s why it’s not surprising how the rhetoric-loving trolls did the most logical thing after the Muzaffarpur shelter case came to light… they came back to harass Swara Bhasker.

They questioned her as to why she wasn’t holding a placard? But instead of getting instigated into a heated debate, the actor and her supporters decided to have a little fun with it.

We saw something similar happen around the release of Veere Di Wedding, when many tweets asked the general public to boycott the film. This was in response to Bhasker along with a bunch of her colleagues holding a placard to outrage about the Kathua and Unnao incidents.

Instead of getting swayed, the actor her supporters gave back to the trolls by starting the hashtag #SwaraMustResign, considering how Bollywood is easier to get a response from compared to the government.

What really began as a silly joke, soon became an extensive anti-trolling exercise in the garb of ‘trolling’. Bhasker’s picture was photoshopped on the face of the honourable Prime Minister Modi, and many questions were asked to ‘PM Swara’ about the many promises made in 2014 – from achhe din to the Rs 15 lacs that would be deposited in our account from the demonetisation. The actor seemed amused by it, where she even RT’d many responses.

It was beautiful to see many famous columnists and journalists jumping on the bandwagon to give the real trolls, a taste of their own medicine. Mocking a toxic campaign to flush out the toxicity around Swara Bhasker’s Twitter profile, you have to admit it’s kinda’… brilliant.

It’s initiatives like these that prove, Twitter can also mobilise to become a beautiful place where good prevails over the ugly.

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