Twitter indulges in victim-shaming, calls young actress' molestation allegation a 'publicity stunt'

After a young actress shared her ordeal of being molested on a flight, few social media users victim-shamed her

A young Bollywood actress, who earlier in the morning today, alleged that she was molested by a co-passenger on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai, is being victim-shamed on social media now. So, a few ‘well-meaning’ felt the need to look at the other side of her story (fair enough) but in the process, went on to term her allegations a ‘publicity stunt’. *slow clap*

And, what else do we expect from a privileged and insensitive society, where one section is completely oblivious or turns a blind eye to others’ hardships.

The actress clearly mentioned that she was unable to record the entire incident as the cabin light was dim and added that the man sitting behind her kept ‘rubbing her back and neck for about 5- 10 minutes. She was able to record a 6-second video when the man kept his foot on her armrest. That 6-second footage is now circulating on social media and while some people are calling it a case of ‘etiquettes’, a few others are terming her allegation ‘a fake drama’.

Here are some of the tweets:



Wow, that’s ridiculous. Get well soon, you guys.

Thankfully, there were a few sane voices: