Think Raga: Musical duo Gourov and Roshin tell why their rehashed versions of old songs are actually new ones

Gourov and Roshin who have produced music for Mubarakan speak about their journey so far, the challenges they face and more

Gourov and Roshin are hopeful their music will touch lives of many. The duo who has composed music for many films including Kaabil and Mubarakan have been creating music for a decade now. To their credit, they have songs like Hawa Hawa and Saara Zamaana, and they have interesting projects lined up. In an exclusive chat with InUth, the talented duo spoke about their musical journey, their future and competition in the industry.



What has your musical journey be like?

I started writing when I was young. I ran away from home when I was 16 and I traveled the entire country by 18. So, I have been a band boy and wanted to take music to another level. That’s when I met Roshin and we have been making music for ten years now.

Gourov and Roshin,

Gourov and Roshin

There is a lot of competition in Bollywood. How do you deal with it?

Competition is always better. It makes you work harder to strive. At this time anyone and everyone can become a musician and I think it is good to be a part of the talented industry.

To sustain yourself in the industry, what is your USP? 

I have grown up with rock music, I have always been a fan of metal. That in itself sets me apart. I am in a good space, with quite of good work happening. I try that my music reflects the person I am. On the plate, we have Mubarakan and have also worked in Munna Michael. There are a couple of other films. We started off with Dus Kahaniyaa. We took a break for few years and then Kaabil was our last release, which was a big hit.

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How do you see the current state of Bollywood music?

I think it is a great time to be. Opportunities have grown and people are receptive to a different kind of music. People have changed their taste of music but Bollywood isn’t anything if it doesn’t catch the Indian pulse. So that has to be present everywhere.

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So you gave music for Kaabil and also for Mubarakan. Both of these movies had rehashed versions of hit songs. What is the biggest challenge when you reprise an old song because, you know, comparisons will be drawn?

We tried to add our parts to it when we recreate the song. We added our elements to make it more relatable. We just used the hook line of the song, instead of just remixing it. We really tried to do justice to the song and that is the only thing which was on my mind. To our good luck, it has worked. Saara Zamana worked and we are expecting the same reception. The rehashing of old songs will stay for a long time now and we hope good music is produced at the end of it all.

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