There's A Rs 2 Lakh Reward For Thrashing Salman Khan For Hurting Hindu Sentiments

Offended by the film's title, which is spin on the Hindu festival Navratri, Hindu Hi Aage's Govind Parashar announced a reward of Rs 2 lakh for beating the 52-year-old actor

Salman Khan Films’ upcoming movie Loveratri has been under attack ever since it was announced. And now, a cash reward has been announced by a Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) aide for anyone who would thrash Salman in public.

Offended by the film’s title, which is spin on the Hindu festival Navratri, Govind Parashar—Agra unit head of Hindu Hi Aage, former VHP international president Praveen Togadia’s new organisation—announced a reward of Rs 2 lakh for beating the 52-year-old actor.

“The movie is being produced by Salman Khan by distorting ‘Navratri’—a religious occasion with which sentiments of lakhs of Hindus are attached. We condemn such intentions of Salman Khan and seeka ban on the movie,” Parashar told Hindustan Times.

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Loveratri actors Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain

“If it is permitted to be screened, we would oppose it tooth and nail. We won’t tolerate hurting of Hindu sentiments and as city unit president of Hindu Hi Aage, I have declared a reward of Rs 2 lakh for anyone thrashing cine actor Salman Khan in public,” he added.

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VHP, too, in a statement on May 22, criticised the film. “We will not allow its exhibition in cinema halls in the country. We don’t want the sentiments of Hindus to be hurt,” VHP’s international president Alok Kumar said. “The film is set against the backdrop of Navratri, a Hindu festival, and the name distorts its meaning,” he added.

Loveratri, which is the debut of Salman’s brother-in-law Aayush Sharma, outlines a love story in the state of Gujarat during the festive season of Navratri. It is scheduled for a release in late September.