Thanks to Rangoon's kissing booths, you can indulge in PDA on Valentine's Day without worrying about moral police

The makers of Rangoon have come up with a nice strategy to promote the film which will also help couples whose PDA is frowned upon

Our very own Indian society doesn’t quite accept PDA and kissing in public places. The thought that every action of love should happen behind closed doors is so deeply imbibed in the conscience that PDA is frowned upon. Even holding hands or hugging in public puts couples in a tough spot—ah! kissing seems a far-fetched reality.

But as it seems, the makers of Rangoon are bent to change the norm. The makers have set up kissing booths in cinemas across India for couples who wish to declare their love in open. Here, they can share their love story and kiss for the cameras. Since today is the kiss day of Valentine’s week, the makers couldn’t have found a better day to set the plan in motion.

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In the Vishal Bhardwaj directorial, the lead actress Kangana Ranaut will be seen kissing on more than one occasion. Looks like with their plan to set up kissing booths, the makers are all set to challenge the stereotypes.


Saif Ali Khan, Kangana Ranaut in Rangoon
(Courtesy: Twitter/ @RangoonTheFilm)

It must not be forgotten that kissing has always raised eyebrows both on and off screen. Lip lock sequences in films like Dhoom 2 had led to many debates. But it is very thoughtful from the makers of Rangoon to think that it is high time the society came out of this bubble.

Set in the World War 2 era, Rangoon stars Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan as well. Essentially a love triangle between the three characters, Rangoon has no dearth of intimate and kissing scenes—probably the reason why this promotional strategy seems legit.