Sushant Singh Rajput buys a telescope to see 'Saturn rings'. What are we doing with our money?

Sushant Singh Rajput has bought a telescope to see Saturn rings. It will be kept in his new house which is 3 hours drive from the city

Sushant Singh Rajput is living his dream. The actor has a number of interesting films in the pipeline with Chanda Mama Door Ke being one of them. To prep for his role, he underwent training at NASA and said to have enjoyed the process. But it seems the prep has also got Sushant fascinated with astronomy. He has apparently bought a telescope which he will keep at his new home so that he can observe Saturn’s rings.

Talking about the new possession, Sushant said, “It’s one of the most-advanced telescopes in the world and I’m going to be able to see Saturn’s rings through it.” The distractingly large telescope, as Sushant says, will now be taken to a new house. Sushant has almost locked a deal for a new house which is at a fair distance from Mumbai. “It’s two-three hours away from the city and I will go to live there along with my telescope. I love driving so the plan is to stay there and drive into the city. When something needs my immediate attention, I’ll take the chopper service,” Sushant was quoted by a daily.

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So now Sushant not only has a large telescope but also a plush home. Feel poor yet? Apart from this, the house will also have a book rack stacked with 125 books including those on theoretical physics, the black hole and wormhole theories. “I didn’t enjoy reading certain subjects for a long time but now I’m in love with cognitive science, behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology. I jump from one genre to another and have acquired a taste for these subjects over the last two years. It’s what makes viewing (Christopher Nolan’s) Interstellar so much more interesting!,” Sushant added talking about his new found love for books.

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Knowing where Sushant’s interests lie, we wonder if he is the geekiest star Bollywood has?


Source: Mumbai Mirror

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