Sonam Kapoor's idea of feminism is simple and right. More because it comes from 'feminist father' Anil Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor says that even at the age of 30, she lives with her family and does what she wants to do. Her father Anil Kapoor has brought her up as feminist

Sonam Kapoor was in Dubai recently as the new brand ambassador for a jewellery line. She also attended a wedding with the entire Kapoor clan. Amid the celebrations and her promotional duties, she gave an interview to Khaleej Times talking about how his father, Anil Kapoor is the man behind all the feminist ideologies she has inculcated in herself. She said that she’s not a feminist because she wants to present herself in a certain way but because that’s how his father has brought her up.

Being feminist is not a choice or a deliberate idea, feminism is an attitude that means you believe in yourself. It means your idea of self-dependence is not limited to just yourself. It means you want other women too, to grow with you and it certainly doesn’t mean that you demean the other gender by proving your superiority. Feminism stands for gender equality and not for gender biasedness. So whatever Sonam said in the interview about her father, growing up, and living in film industry makes complete sense. Here are a few statements she made:

On her father and feminism:

I am very shy as a person because that’s my personality type. But my father has brought me, my sister and my brother up with equality. The definition of feminism means equal opportunities. He has never made me feel that there is a difference between my brother and I. I have been told I can work and get married when I want. My father is a feminist and he has raised me to be a thinking smart human being.

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On still living with her parents:

If I don’t take advice from my father I will be really stupid because he has been in the industry for 30 years. He never forces me to do anything but he does give me advice. I am an adult, I am 30 years old and I live with my parents but I always do what I want to do.

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On doing films in other languages:

I am all about female empowerment and feminism so if I get a role like, then it doesn’t matter what language it is in, I will do it. In Delhi 6, I had a 25-minute role but it was a powerful character.

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