Shah Rukh Khan is embarrassed, thanks to this throwback picture that Farah Khan shared [See photo]

Shah Rukh Khan is really embarrassed due to a picture that his close friend Farah Khan shared on social media which also featured Karan Johar

Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan have stood through each other through the darkest of times. How great friends they are, doesn’t need any kind of introduction. Despite being stars of their own leagues, Farah and Shah Rukh Khan do what most friend do- embarrass each other. Farah Khan embarrassed Shah Rukh Khan by sharing an old picture of him. The old picture also featured Karan Johar. After it became a talking topic on the Internet, Shah Rukh Khan expressed what he felt about it.

The old picture in conversation here seemed one from a party. The sartorial choices of all the stars in the picture makes for a funny one, but back them it would have been the ‘in’ thing. Also, since Karan Johar features in the photo, one can not imagine that he would not have given a thought to what his friends would be wearing. So, that sense of fashion would have obviously been the trend back then.

While sharing the  photo on social media, Farah Khan wrote, “@iamsrk looking rather embarrassed at my antics with @karanjohar circa 2000!” To this, Shah Rukh Khan replied, “And u r doing it all over again! We should hav another nite like this, I still have the shirt.”. And now we know he still owns the shirt.

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Here is the picture that has gone viral on social media:

A post shared by @farahkhankunder on

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Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan worked together in Happy New Year. The movie that starred Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Abhishek Bachchan along with SRK, became one of the biggest hits of 2014. The movie did stupendous business at the Box Office despite getting poor reviews. Farah and SRK are a living example of true friendship and we hope the bond gets deeper with the day. As far as the viral picture is concerned, Dear Farah, when is the next image coming up?