Sex with intimidating women is not something men can handle: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has made it to the headlines once again by speaking her mind. But then, is it the first time we are hearing about her outspoken nature?

Kangana Ranaut is not known to be the one who minces words. The actress is as fearless as one can get and she has made it to the headlines again because of this nature.  Kangana was unapologetic herself and made some comments which would raise a lot of eyebrows. The Tanu Weds Man Returns actor said women are raised to behave in a certain manner and if they don’t follow the set norms, they are frowned upon.

In an interview to Mid-Day, the three-time National Award winner slammed men and said they don’t like having sex with intimidating women. Shedding light on how the rules of the society are different for men and women, Kangana said the fairer sex is expected to be the nurturer.

She pointed out that these thoughts are so deeply imbibed in the minds that even the most successful women want everyone to like them.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana said:

Women are raised to believe they are healers. They can only nurture. People appreciate the goody two-shoes. Even the most successful women want to be liked by others. There is the alluring promise of heaven for those who can love selflessly. It’s fine if they can’t look themselves in the eye, but the world should see them as the epitome of holiness. They (her colleagues) don’t stand up for themselves, forget doing it for others.

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The Queen actress further added that men too can’t handle women who are bold and speak their mind.

Men think intimidating women aren’t worth having sex with. Bold, stubborn women, who are achievers, are desirable only to those who are strong and assured. [For some men] it is frightening to handle a woman who can speak her mind.


In 2016, Kangana’s alleged relationship with co-actor Hrithik Roshan stayed in news for quite long. It all started when she allegedly referred to Hrithik as a crazy ex and the latter tweeted he was never in a relationship with her. This opened floodgates to what became one of the biggest controversies of Bollywood.